Having an learning activity to play with that relates to story reinforces a child's learning.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Activity

Play based learning is all about having the tools and resources for children to explore their environment. To optimise pre-literacy education, gently persuade play towards literacy based learning activities.

Why Use a Learning Activity?

Kids can move and physically ‘play-out’ the story.

It feels like I have read this book a thousand times to my kids. I don’t get to create an activity every time after we read together but when I can I know it makes learning so much more enjoyable.

What Areas Of The Brain Are Affected?

We as parents are constantly hammered about reading a book to our kids every night (356 books a year), but why? When we read to our child this instantly affects their spoken literacy processing, visual perception and visual imagery. It also connects the right and left temporal lobe associated with language development.

After we read we can create a literacy play activity. A literacy play activity strengthens a child’s brain through cognitive fine motor physical connections, that light up the Central Sulcus; part of the Cerebral Cortex. The more a child under the age of 5 can ‘act out’ the visual image in their consciousness the stronger those brain connections will be. Therefore, building memory and challenging imagination and thoughts further.

How Do I Create A Literacy Activity At Home?

It’s likely you already read to your child at home every night before bedtime. Have a think about your child’s favourite book. Which one do you read a thousand times and roll your eyes and say, “This one… again?” That’s the book to choose. Repetition will reinforce that same old book into a new way of thinking and learning.

Think about what the book could ‘feel like’ in your hands and touching it in a 3D way would look like. For example: “Where Is The Green Sheep?” reminds me of cotton wool balls and green paint OR “The Rainbow Fish” reminds me of sparking sequins. Find what it looks like to you and incorporate that into your learning activity.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Literacy Activity

Remember to have fun and talk talk talk to your child as you do the Learning Activity together.

By Sarah Courtney

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