Shaving cream words

Shaving Cream Words And Letters

Shaving cream letter is literally the quickest and cleanest activities for teaching early childhood alphabetic phonemes. Practising handwriting, whilst multitasking in the shower, means that children can make mistakes without feeling the pressure of adult handwriting expectations to get handwriting letters right.

Use with caution: If your child is asthmatic or has allergies to perfume, try a sensitive shaving cream or give our Aqua faba activity a try.

Simply add shaving cream inside the shower screen at your child’s level. Roughly using about 1/10th of a can per activity. Smudge the shaving cream across the glass at your child’s eye height.

Start with letters in their own name. Always model writing their name first and then have your child try to use their finger pointed to write over the top of the name. Show them how to wipe letters or words off the glass so they can wipe their glass again.

Stepping back and giving your child space to write with their fingers builds creativity and critical thinking for themselves. Their brains are buzzing neural pathways between the sensory cortex, motor cortex, and working memory.

So easy to clean up (which I love best!) just rinse the glass off in the shower. It’s that simple!


Written By Sarah Courtney

Master of Education, Cognitive Psychology & Learning Practices.

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