sea Foam

Sea Foam

This is a 5 star messy sensory activity for babies and toddlers to play with! Sea foam is made from the leftover juice of canned chickpeas that I set aside from the chickpea sensory play activity.

The left over juice is called ‘aquafaba.’ It can be used as an egg replacement in baking. All together this activity cost around $1.50 (AUS).

Sea foam is incredible quick and easy to make. Here’s what you’ll need:


  • Aquafaba juice leftover from 4 cans of chickpeas,
  • Cream of tartar,
  • Food colouring, and
  • Hand mixer or thermomix with butterfly whisk attachment.


A hand mixer will work to make sea foam. I used the thermomix to whip up the aquafaba. The butterfly whisk needs to be attached inside the thermomix. I used the thermomix for 1 minute on speed 4.

If you’re wanting to make sea foam in two colours, separate half of the aquafaba into the thermomix with food colour and half a teaspoon of cream of tartar. Blend it and then empty the bowl for the second batch.

Combine both the colours into a large container or tray ready for sensory play with your baby or toddler. It’s that simple!

We started this activity inside and I quickly learned this was going to be an outside activity. I would also say this was the messiest, stickiest sensory play we have tried in a while so have a hose prepared outside for easy clean up.

My toddler kept saying words like the sea foam was ‘sticky,’ ‘smelly,’ and ‘foamy’ so we used those words to make meaning play for this activity. Using words for play not only extends toddler vocabulary but also supports how those words are encoded into their long-term memory for information processing. It’s great when we can submerse our children into activities that broaden communication and brain development.

This is an eatable activity. My toddler actually liked the taste but I’m not sure whether it would be great to eat a lot of.

Exploring messy sensory offers so many opportunities for curious minds. Let’s see your sea foam activity. If you make sea foam for your baby or toddler send us a message via our socials and we’ll add them to our parent collaborations! Enjoy the mess!

Written by: Sarah Courtney