What’s The Point Of Rainbow Rice?

What’s the point in making Rainbow Rice? What is all the fuss about? There are two reasons. The first is that it is visually attractive to kids. Just like sprinkles on an ice cream. So this attraction evokes an invitation to play. The second reason is that it’s a great sensory activity.

It builds Frontal Lobe Synapsis Brain Connections. The Frontal Lobe grows with more Synapsis Connections, so the more activities like these the more connections and the better those connections are ready for literacy in schooling.

The Frontal Lobe at the top front of the Brain controls: language development, problem solving skills, memory, communication etc. All of which are important skills for Literacy Education. Find out more from our FREE podcast.

So now that we know that a simple rice activity can produce so many clear Preliteracy Neural Pathways in the Brain – Let’s get started!

Rainbow Rice Recipe:

What you will need: 5 different painting colours, rice (as little or as much as you want), 5 clear plastic bags, paper towel, toys (like funnels, small buckets or cups).

Step 1. Buy your rice… I only buy half price rice when I see it on special. I buy the big 8kg bags for this and I can usually get 2 of these Rainbow Rice activities from 1 bag.

Step 2. Scoop 3 cups of rice per plastic bag.

Step 3. Place 2 tablespoons of paint into one bag and repeat with the next bag and add a different colour. You can add more paint if you want to make it brighter or less paint to make it more neutral.

Step 4. Shake the bags and squish the rice until all the rice is covered in paint.

bagged coloured rice

Step 5. Place paper towel on the kitchen bench and pour your rainbow rice over the paper towel.

Step 6. Let it dry overnight.

Dried Coloured Rice

Step 7. Pour the dried rice into a container for play. Add toys like cups, funnels, or small buckets. Pouring rice creates Prenumeracy measuring intentional play. I’ve also used letter and animals for small world play to change the intentional playing.

Step 8. I always say be in the moment with your child when you start a new activity. Model how to play with the Rainbow Rice. Use words to put meaning to their play and build language and communication skills. Say descriptive words repeating them three times for speech development. For example: “scratchy scratchy scratchy” or when you spill it into a container say “whooooosssshhhh” x 3.

Enjoy the moment with your little one.

By Sarah Courtney

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