pistol painting

Pistol Painting

Pistol painting is serious fun for both big kids (adults) and little kids! It is such a great summer activity you’re kids will want their guns refilled repeatly!

The pistols were inexpensive from the cheap store for about $2 (aus) for 2 pistols. We always have a roll of card paper that has lasted about 6 years now and it’s still being used.

All you need for this pistol painting activity is:

  • large roll of paper
  • pegs
  • different colour paints
  • water
  • cheap water pistols
Rural QLD

Peg the paper in a mindful location.

My kids started out with orange and blue paints, but I also brought with us green and red for refills. I added half water/half paint at every refill. I filled their water pistols about 4 times each.

The activity lasted about 20 minutes but you could make it last longer by having another large piece of paper ready.

Serious business

The only fail I have about this activity is that the water pistols are single use only which isn’t great for the environment and it means it can’t be used again. You could try and salvage the pistols by emptying the paints out and leaving them in water for another day. However, personally this wouldn’t work with my eighteen month old. He is really good at finding things like this left around the house.

It’s starting to get too wet now and the wind has picked up. Better to leave it to dry before it rips.

Final product

As you know pistol painting builds strong fine motor finger muscles for pre-writing skills in toddlers. Best to set up the paint and water in the pistol and step back. They won’t even notice their hands tiring – they will just want more ammo!

‘The piano’

My son called this ‘the piano’ and I think it looks so fitting. They had a blast and I did too! It was loads of fun and I think out of all the activities I’ve tried with my kids – this one was my favourite!! I hope it’s yours too!

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Written by Sarah Courtney

Master of Education, Cognitive Psychology & Learning Practices.