Pom Pom Bath

Mixing Colours In A Pom Pom Bath

Teach your kids how colours change!

When it’s too hot to be outside I sometimes make a Pom Pom Bath for my kids to keep active indoors.

I use lukewarm water in the bath and add food colouring and pom poms to the bath with a scooper or tweezers. It makes the activity last longer if they have to pull each pom pom out one at a time. The pinching action she has to make also builds fine motor control supporting her pincer grip for pre-writing skills.

We usually talk about mixing the water colour. This is a great time to experiment with kids to show them that red and blue make purple. You can also try blue and yellow for green or yellow and red for orange.

I challenged Lucy further colour sorting the different coloured pom poms with the same coloured containers. Physically moving the pom pom uses fine motor skills and challenges her balance in water.

To extend colour learning further for older toddlers try asking them to use their opposite hand to pinch and/or count every pom pom that goes into a container.

FURTHER EXTENSION: Scoop, pinch or tweezer pom poms into containers and count with your child each time they place a pom pom in the container. This uses one-to-one correspondence counting and is a much better way to learn counting rather than ROTE learning.


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Hopefully you’re able to take some ideas away from this blog to use with your toddler. Remember to always supervise bath time.

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Created by Sarah Courtney