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Teaching Toddlers Magnets – In Sensory Pasta

The best thing about sensory pasta is that you can use any pasta you choose. I chose the cheapest and largest bag I could get of hollow pasta ready for a colour learning and magnet fishing activity.

How Do You Make Coloured Pasta?

Once you have your bag of pasta use a small amount of coloured paint to cover the pasta but not too much that it makes it soggy and wet.

I used a 500g bag of pasta into a plastic zip lock bag with a ratio of roughly half a cup of paint added to the pasta.

Seal the bag well and shake till all the pasta has been covered inside and outside of the pasta shells.

Place the coloured pasta out on to paper towel and leave overnight.

I usually give the pasta a toss around through my hands every couple of hours just to make sure the pasta doesn’t stick together and crack.

For this activity I added metal rings to the back of foam shapes.

I placed magnetic puzzle pieces and the foam pieces into a tray. To invite play I added a magnet fishing rod to catch the foam shapes and insect puzzles pieces so they can be placed inside the bowl next to the tray.

Catching insects and shapes with magnets is fun! Check out the YouTube link:

Such a fun fine motor skill activity. It really challenged my daughter to work on hand-eye coordination. It made her have to think about how to keep the top of the catching magnet still so that magnet at the end of the string stayed steady enough to reach her target.

I used an old second hand puzzle for this. Do you have old items that may be stored away for a rainy day? Give them a new life with a new activity like this!

It’s a great set up and walk away activity. If you’re looking for other toddler ideas check out our milk experiment on surface tension with our 3 year old, or messy play with jelly.

By Sarah Courtney

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