Jelly Sensory For Preschoolers


Yes they ate jelly while they played! They played with their food and enjoyed the fun together! This fun activity supports the olfactory, touch and gustatory senses. While playing, we used descriptive words to enhance language skills.

Most of the time it’s hard to stop and remember to have fun. All the chaos of life gets too much and routine needs to keep going for everyone’s sanity!

At the end of a long week at the start of a new school year, Mr 4 year old and Miss 2 year old were needing some fun play together to prevent those crazy sibling fights.. So one night while preparing dinner I got the idea of jelly sensory play. I decided to make it that night so they could play with it the next day.

All it took were 3 different flavoured and coloured packet mix jelly crystals to put in the fridge and set over night into individual containers.

When we got home the next day, from school pick up, I had the plastic floor mat chairs and table and large bowl with toys already prepared during Miss 2’s nap time. All we had to do was wash our hands and get the jelly bowl out of the fridge.

This was actually a great language building activity and it was also fantastic for strengthening sensory connections in the left logical thinking Frontal Lobe. The Frontal Lobe at the top front of the brain is in charge of many things like problem solving and higher order thinking (HOT). This activity was all about concreting strong brain connections with words they already knew.

Mr 4 and Miss 2 used words like: “squishy,” “slimy,” “gooey,” and “cold.” All these opportunities for descriptive language development in one activity.

It’s also worth mentioning that older siblings help younger ones learn through modelling that parents and teachers sometimes can’t offer. They want to watch their older siblings reaction and mimic words and thoughts so this moment brings an emotional memory to the words they parrot back.

Well it stopped the fights for one afternoon at least and made a Friday evening a little more fun, which doesn’t happen that often. It was great being in the moment with them and laughing and giving it a go as well.

By Sarah Courtney

Wife of 13 years, Mum of 3, Early Childhood Teacher & Blogger

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