Jello dig

Jello Dig

At the end of every school term, I make up a Jello Dig play activity for my baby, toddler and school children. They love the fact that it’s an activity they can eat!

Jello dig activity builds brain connections in the sensory and motor cortex. Kids take in new information through their senses and jello dig kick starts their olfactory, gustatory and touch senses.

How to create Jello Dig activity:

You’ll need to use at least 3 packets of jelly mix with boiling water and cold water directions.

I put this activity into a container that I could seal so that I could put the lid on it and place it back in the fridge. This activity lasted three kids for 3 days. So long as it was put back into the fridge after half an hour of play. Which by the end of half an hour they were tired of it and ready for a bath.

Who can use the Jello Dig activity?

Babies and toddlers can use this activity. Even my eldest who is in grade 1 used enjoyed playing with this. He lasted the longest.

I offered this activity to the youngest first so we could talk about what sensory feelings were happening as they touched and tasted the jelly. It meant that there was not rush to miss out and he could take his time problem solving his senses.

You can add letters, numbers, or plastic shapes. I added small, camouflaged animals for our older preschooler to find to make it a little more challenging.

Jello dig sensory activity lasted 3 days. It was used 4 times in those days. The activity cost $2.70 (aus) divded by 4 times played equates to 68 cents each time it was used and eaten. The preparation time takes minutes, it just needs to be created at least 6 hours before using the jelly for jello dig play.

Inside Jelly Play with mixed colours!

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Written by: Sarah Courtney

Master of Education, Cognitive Psychology & Learning Practices