Isolation Wishing Jar

Isolation Wishing Jar

This little activity is a great conversation starter for families of all ages and stages.

What you will need:

  • An empty clear jar or plastic container
  • A coloured piece of paper per family member
  • scissors
  • clipboard; and
  • A pen

Here’s How It Works:

Bring the family together and let them choose a piece of coloured paper each.

Fold your page in half; 4 times. Then, cut out little rectangles with scissors.

Write on your piece of paper what you would like to do when Coronavirus Isolation rules are over, and life goes back to normal. For example: shake someones hand or go to the movies.

Fold your piece of paper and put it inside the jar.

It’s your choice what you want to write on your piece of paper AND it’s completely up to you if you want to tell your family what you wrote.

Leave the paper and jar somewhere in the house that has a free space for this. This way you can come back to it over days or weeks and continue to add to the Isolation Wishing Jar.

If you have little ones who can’t write – that’s okay! Ask them what they would like to do and write it on their coloured piece of paper.

Eventually we will get to enjoy the outside world again, but for now stay safe at home and let’s not kill each other in the process! When you get to open your Isolation Wishing Jar you will really appreciate what you wrote down.

Have fun!

Written by: Sarah Courtney