galaxy jar

Galaxy Sensory Jar

Do you have a little one who loves space and craves sensory calming? Galaxy sensory jars are the answer. They are so easy to create and you can change the colours to suit your child’s taste.

How does a galaxy jar calm sensory input?

A galaxy jar can help help kids stop and self regulate their breathing by watching the glitter moving inside the jar. This type of calming sensory can be used with every child. It helps by engaging a child to slow down, breathe slower to reduce stress and anxiety.

Here’s what you will need:

  1. Water
  2. Cotton balls
  3. Silver glitter
  4. Fluro pink paint
  5. Another 1-2 dark paint colours


STEP 1: Start by filling your jar 1/3 full and adding a teaspoon of paint. Then put the lid on the bottle and shake the bottle.

STEP 2: Add glitter to the jar.

STEP 3: Unroll cotton wool balls to make long strips and then add them to the coloured water.

STEP 4: Repeat steps 1-3 with a lighter coloured paint. Some paints work whilst others don’t. I have found the cheapest Kmart paint to work best for this experiment. Don’t shake the bottle just use a knife stir the top top layer of lighter paint before adding cotton wool balls.

STEP 5: Add the last layer of water, paint, glitter & cotton wool balls. Then stir with a knife or stick.

STEP 6: Add extra water if needed so that there isn’t any room for bubbles at the top.

STEP 7: Add the lid. It’s your choice whether to glue it shut or screw it on tight enough that you can change the colours or reuse the jar later.


Written by: Sarah Courtney

Master of Education, Cognitive Psychology & Learning Practices.