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Series 1 is a FREE PODCAST explaining the motivation, cognition and metacognition behind why our kids play. This series supports parents, teachers and educators understand why children need play and what is going on in their brains during play.

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Learning Through Play Series 1 includes:

Episode 1: Motivation To Play

Why do we bother playing with our children? What motivates us and the theory behind why we WANT to play with them? This is the introduction to our weekly episodes for our FREE Learning Through Play podcast.


Episode 2: Self Regulated Learning

There are 3 mains points to self regulated learning.

  1. Metacognitive thinking from our previous episode.
  2. Strategies for Play; and
  3. Independent motivational control.

By understanding these self regulated points better, we can navigate play better.


Episode 3: Tantrums: Flipping Their Lid

Bad moods affect how our brains learn, especially for babies. Learn what areas of your brain are screaming when you flip your lid and understand what’s going on for your child when they feel overwhelmed.

This episode will help you maximise on the calm learning moments so that new knowledge can stick to long-term memory.

Episode 4: Multiple Intelligence’s

Multiple intelligence’s are described as different modalities in which we learn. We can use this knowledge to make learning easier and more efficient.

Episode 5: The Reality Of Motherhood

Why it’s okay to lose motivation to play with your child and know that even professionals with young children also struggle in parenting.

Episode 6: Cognition – Information Processing

What is information processing and why is it important for everyone. How does understanding cognition affect the efficiency of our learning. By understanding how we learn as an individual, means we can understand new information and remember it better.

Episode 7: Bridging The Gap

This episode is based on personal experience in leadership for Baby Brain Connections. How I realised that I had an audience of middle-upper class clients with higher cultural capital and how I needed to change leadership practices to target all areas of socioeconomic status.

To be released episode: Practical Ways To Support Learning


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