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Brain Building Blocks ebook explains how your infant thinks cognitively and how to target certain areas of the brain for better learning outcomes. It’s a short 20 minute read (6 pages) with practical ideas for supporting brain development at home.

This is also a fantastically quick read for professionals and educators who want to learn more about how the brain uses new information from infancy.


***AMAZON KINDLE LAUNCH!*** – April 2020

We’re excited to announce the very first ebook for Baby Brain Connections!! This ebook is aimed at supporting parents from home. It can also be used for educators and teachers in understanding the learning brain from infancy.

Introducing: 7 Ways To Build New Brain Synapsis In Newborns

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Understanding your baby’s developmental milestones is important.

Here are 7 practical ways around the home to support your newborns learning in preparation for future literacy. The book explains not just ideas but what areas of the brain light up during these activities.

EBOOK Coming Soon:

Making Tummy Time Last: A reference book to guide parents on the benefits of tummy time and the secret to happy longer-lasting tummy time play.

We all know some babies just won’t try tummy time. In this ebook, we’ll address why and how to encourage incremental tummy time.

Coming in May 2020


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