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Exploding Soft Drink!

It’s always an activity that gets a lot of wowing eyes from children. Exploding soft drink with mentos! We used a 3 litre coke but you can use other soft drinks for this STEM experiment and a whole packet of mentos.


  • 1x 3 Litre bottle of coke
  • 1x packet of mentos mint flavour

STEM stands for…

S – Science

T – Technology

E – Experiments

M – Maths

Exploding soft drink with mentos activity used every STEM acronym. Whilst it is a science experiment the mathematical measurement of soft drink ratio to mentos was a variable we discussed before commencing the activity. Technology was used for the research and slow motion youtube video we created after the experiment.

Exploding soft drinks


Predicting or hypothesising is a collaborative discussion that occurs before an experiment commences. Little kids who haven’t seen this experiment won’t have prior knowledge of the experiment. Therefore, I showed my kids other YouTube videos of exploding soft drink with mentos and we talked about differences that could occur for our experiment.

Immediately the location was discussed. If it will encourage ants, where should we do the experiment. Once we found a location, we talked about whether our experiment would be as good as the other kids on YouTube. What do we expect will happen and should we lower our expectations. This transferred into the ratio of mentos to coke. Are we expecting too much from the liquid chemical reaction.


Vocabulary is a huge component to early childhood STEM activities. immersing kids early with terminology as such as: ‘explosion,’ ‘fizzy,’ ‘mixing,’ or ‘experiment,’ will develop a broader knowledge of early science.

Challenge elementary kids further with vocabulary such as: ‘predict,’ ‘reaction,’ ‘variables,’ and ‘ratio.’


After the exploding coke and mentos experiment was finished, we talked as a group about what we would try for next time. We’re going to try different coloured soft drinks to see how they might react to mentos. Mountain dew, red creaming soda and fanta.


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Written by: Sarah Courtney

Master of Education, Cognitive Psychology & Learning Practices.

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