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Decorating A Rustic Christmas Tree – On A Budget

Here are my: ‘5 Tips To Decorating A Rustic Christmas Tree On A Budget.’

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Look I realise styles change every year when it comes to decorating a Christmas Tree. In total, this whole tree with decorations cost me about $220.00au. It may not be your style but it’s definitely mine.

Whatever your style is save photos of what you like. Ask friends if you can take a photo of their tree, if you like the way they have styled it, and as you shop take photos of what you like or what you have bought so you can see if the colours match as you go. I accidentally made the mistake of buying a pink gold and I live too far away to replace it the next day so I started taking photos or screenshots of what I had bought so I wouldn’t forget either.

This short video blog explains in detail and sequence of how to dress a Rustic Christmas Tree. Also (#mumlife), 2 out of 3 kids were ‘helping’ in this video. By helping I mean one was crying for food and the other one was wanting to watch kids shows.

The Playroom Tree

The Playroom Christmas Tree

The kids have their own separate playroom tree they can redecorate whenever with whatever they like.

However, I have slight anxiety and OCD when it comes to my own Christmas Tree so last year I bought the smaller Aldi tree so they could reach the top.

The Formal Tree

I used to feel bad about having 2 separate trees and I don’t anymore. Instead we celebrate their tree and put it up as a family together. I also created a Home Corner space between their play kitchen and play lounge room spaces. The Christmas Tree I decorate is our formal Christmas Tree for Christmas Morning. It’s where our presents for each other go.

Do you have more than one Christmas Tree? Where did you buy your Christmas Tree from? And what is your favour ornament.

By Sarah Courtney

Mum of 3, Wife of 13 years, Early Childhood Teacher & Blogger.