Marshmallow structures

Create A Marshmallow Engineered STEM Structure

Kids can snack on marshmallows while they design their engineered structure!

There is no age minimum or limit on this STEM activity. It is perfect for kids who can be trusted to safely use toothpicks OR try using pretzel sticks for afternoon snacks too. I suggest ages 3+ but will need to be supervised.

STEM stands for…

S – Science

T – Technology

E – Engineering

M – Maths

Teaching STEM for this activity…

Using only marshmallows and skewers (toothpicks or pretzel sticks), model construction of floors, walls then roof in front of your child answering questions and talking about where they could have built structures before. This is retrieving their prior knowledge ready for scaffolding new knowledge.

Challenge kids further by…

Explain how in construction, builders and engineers use cross bracing to strengthen a structure. Collaborate about how leaning walls or falling degrees can lead to structure collapse.

Great afternoon tea activity/snack. These kinds of edible kids activities make conversations more meaningful.

We didn’t eat very many so we can leave enough for another day. I wouldn’t personally use them more than twice though as the holes in the marshmallows grow larger.

You can always try this activity without marshmallows. Playdough or fruit can work just as well.


Written by: Sarah Courtney

Master of Education, Cognitive Psychology & Learning Practices.