cardboard flower vase

Cardboard Flower Vase

So simple and so quick to make. Creating a cardboard flower vase interestingly gives kids critical thinking to discover what leaves and flowers are in your garden – even if you only have weeds!

Discovery is a type of critical thinking that is a subcategory of Steinberg’s (2003) Triarchic creative intelligence. Triarchic Intelligence is also known as Successful Intelligence (SI). As parents we can use these metalinguistic words to build vocabulary in our kids getting them ready for school. When you’re helping your children to find flowers in your garden or at the park use the words ‘create’ and ‘discover’ during this activity.

All you need is:

  • scissors
  • a recycled box; and
  • a permanent marker

Cardboard Flower Vase:

STEP 1: Cut out a large sheet of cardboard per vase. I used a nappy box to cut out the sides.

STEP 2: Draw a vase on each sheet of cardboard with a permanent marker. Make different designs so your kids can tell which one was their own vase.

STEP 3: Using the scissors, poke holes in the cardboard above each vase.

STEP 4: This is the fun part! Discovering the smallest flowers in and around your garden or local park. Interestingly, we don’t have many flowering plants but as we walked together we found more than we thought we had. It was great to discover our small world of flowers when we took that time to notice – even if some were weeds!

STEP 5: Once the holes are filled with lovely flowers feel free to add leaves to make the flower vase seem thicker, with more volume.

STEP 6: Lastly, display your child’s cardboard flower vase so you can extend the activity later by talking about what you discovered. Displaying creations reinforces memory retrieval. Kids can see their creation and rethink about that memory over and over. This builds self-reflection for metacognitive thinking in kids.

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Written by Sarah Courtney

Master of Education, Cognitive Psychology & Learning Practices.