‘Best New Business 2018’ award from local Business Excellence Awards.

I’m 7 months pregnant with my third baby and Teaching our Baby Sensory Event in this photo. Baby Brain Connections wasn’t even a year old and we had won an award for Best New Local Business for its Preliteracy Program that I designed for infants.

Teaching at our Urban Paddock Event


I’m 31 years old, a Wife of 13 years, and a Mum of 3 (Mr T. aged 5, Miss L. aged 3 and a Teddy our 7 month old boy). I graduated my Bachelor of Education Early Childhood in 2012 after already working in Childcare for 3 years with my Diploma and Cert III in Childcare Services and then taught in a year 4/5 class for 2.5 years before going on Maternity Leave with my eldest.

I love being a mum, the joys, the love, the snuggles but first baby exhaustion hit me hard. I had a baby who had a tongue and double upper lip tie so breastfeeding was a struggle. I’d been basically sidelined into a caesarian so I was recovering from something none of my natural birthing friends had gone through. My husband was made redundant shortly after and we had to build our Pest Control Business from scratch.

I struggled.. but I did have ideas. I had ideas on how to adapt my teaching experience with my own child and challenge them by assessing how they learn and what areas as a parent, I needed to assess in order to support them.

After 18 months I went back teaching and taught Australian Sign Language in a small rural school for 12 months and then I had Baby number 2 and a failed VBAC caesarian. She was my easier one. Excellent sleeper, great feeder, wild and weird child.

When Miss L was 9 months old I made a sensory paint activity in the bath for her. At the time I didn’t realise it would be the birth of ‘Baby Brain Connections.’ I just remember watching her smile and play and thinking how I was so glad I chose Early Childhood Education, but I also felt a little sad. It was 3 hours from the nearest baby class I couldn’t take my own kids, let alone the hundreds and thousands of other regional and rural Australian Parents take theirs.

It got me thinking.. I have the ideas to challenge and support learning from home, what if I could create a preliteracy program for Australian Parents?

In the beginning I struggled to sell the idea to people. They couldn’t see the importance and the reason behind it. Eventually I started baby classes in Toowoomba and Dalby which grew more and more every term. Then came larger Events in rural and regional towns in Queensland.

Seven months later we won ‘Best New Business for 2018’ in our local area. It was then that I could really breathe. This business had a purpose and a place.

Events took off and people wanted more ideas, strategies, resources, fun and quality time with their baby! Then I went into Maternity Leave with baby and caesarian number 3 having a happy heart knowing my Preliteracy Program was worth all the last nights, hours of travelling, daycare, takeaway dinners, cleaning, disinfecting, resource making, lesson planning, marketing, photos, researching and fun.

The Courtney Family

The baby fog has finally started to lift and changes are coming for Baby Brain Connections. I’m prioritising family life and saying no more. Working smarter and not harder. I’m excited to be bringing my Preliteracy Program online for parents internationally.

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