Our favourite STEM activities for toddlers that are super easy and super fun to try!

Welcome! I’m Sarah, an early childhood teacher specialising my Master of Education in cognitive psychology and learning practices. I’m a mum of 3 small humans under the age of 6!

When it comes to educational cognitive psychology I know the skills babies and toddlers need to build strong neural synapsis, but as a Mum I also know how tedious (and messy) teaching these skills can be. This is why I share activities that hit three key points:

  • Support early childhood brain development for preliteracy skills.
  • Make developmental activities enjoyable for kids (and parents); and
  • Are easy, cost effective, and don’t make a huge mess (remember, I’m a mum too!).

Simply click on the images to analyse, create and practice critical thinking strategies with your kids!

1. Marshmallow Engineered Structure

2. Rainbow Roses


STEM stands for: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

The main intelligences that develop during STEM activities are analytical, creative and practical.

Applying analytical Triarchic Intelligences uses activities that critique, judge, analyse, compare/contrast, evaluate and assess.

Creative Triarchic Intelligence (Steinberg, 2004, p.275) activities create, invent, discover, imagine, suppose and predict.

Lastly, apply practical activities to build successful thinking in activities is also to use, put in practice, apply, implement, employ and render practical.

These are all terminologies that we as parents and teachers need to get used to discussing casually with children, especially early childhood, so that they are immersed in a STEM culture of thinking.

3. Exploding Soft Drink!

4. Surface Tension Milk Experiment

5. Backyard Volcano

6. Rainbow Walking Water Experiment

7. Testing Chemical Reactions With Kids

Life with toddlers can be pure survival some days, but I want to encourage you as your child’s first teacher. You are enough for your child and we all share a common parenting goal and that’s to build strong, confident, smart and healthy kids. Exploring STEM critical thinking activities will immerse your child’s vocabulary and memory encoding skills.

Written by Sarah Courtney

Master of Education, Cognitive Psychology & Learning Practices.